Sunday Bistro & Restaurant

It’s located at a small mall outside. Love the tom yam gong.


Langkawi Trip – 3rd Day

1220 check out
1230 head for Langkawi Parade Mall
1310 lunch at Sunday Bistro & Restaurant
1400 shopping at Langkawi Fair Mall
1633 go to Langkawi Airport
1657 wait for people to get the Vios back
1730 kiosk check in
1735 luggage check in
1740 having dinner at Marry Brown
1805 waiting
1820 get in the gate
1955 board

Langkawi Trip – 2nd Day

1038 Left hotel
1059 reached  [4S]
1136 Left for Underwater World [4S]
1147 Reach
1310 left
1319 searching for Champor-champor Restaurant [4S]
1339 reach The Lighthouse Restaurant [4S]
1410 left for Crocodile Farm [4S]
1531 left for Oriental Village [4S]
1541 reach
1620 queue up
1758 get into cable car
1804 reach 1st station (toilet)
1810 reach 2nd station
1817 walk the bridge
1830 come back from bridge
1832 get into cable car
1840 get down
1847 left oriental village [4S]
1920 reach Yummy Yummy Seafood Restaurant [4S]
1935 order food
2020 food arrive
2110 back to hotel

[Malaysia-Kedah] Beach Garden Resort

There are some restaurants, bistros, cafes, bars nearby. Quite hard to find a good parking space. Dining at the beach is quite romantic. But we didn’t try it as the prices stated in menu pretty high. Not worth. We just took a walk and shot some photos then headed to buy KFC.

Langkawi Trip – 1st Day

1010 reach station

1045 reach KL Sentral

1055 get into Sky Bus

1110 depart from KL Sentral

1210 reach LCCT

1250 luggage check in

1300 waiting to get aboard

1325 it should be time to board, but delay

1340 finally get into plane, total 3 checkup before getting on flight

1420 fly!

1520 reach Langkawi Airport

1535 take luggage

1550 take vios we rent and left

1630 reach Bayview Hotel

1750 go get Soon Hong and left for Unkaizan Japanese Restaurant [4S] [FB]

1836 reach

2040 Beach Garden Resort